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TMI Trucking Dispatch Service

If you are an owner operator or fleet owner and are looking for truck dispatch service to guarantee the best loads in the United States and to make sure that your truck stays loaded and working throughout the entire year get in contact with TMI right away.

TMI Transport is your truck dispatcher in the United States. We are situated in Charlotte, NC but we work with clients throughout the entire country and we book loads across 48 states.

Our mission is to allow owner operators to be able to focus on driving and rest assured knowing that they have a team of professional truck dispatchers working for them and finding them the best loads in the country around the clock.


What is TMI Transport Job as a Truck Dispatcher?

TMI Transport’s job is first to find the best loads in the market for every truck that works with us. We have years of experience and extensive contacts with shippers and brokers in every region of the country. We use our contacts to provide our Carriers the opportunities to obtain the highest quality and best paying loads.


When you contract TMi Global Logistics you can rest assured knowing that we are working daily to get you the best loads available. We cannot dictate the market rates as we do not control supply and demand, but the point is that we will obtain for you the best of what is available. 


The second part of our job is to coordinate the movement and trips of your truck. In other words, you just let us know how much time you want to be out on the road and in what region of the country you want to work in and we will coordinate the movement of your truck accordingly.


Am I going to have a lot of “layover” days where you guys can’t find a load?

Your truck should never be stopped for lack of a load. It is also important to reduce the empty miles as much as we possibly can.


When you work with TMI Transport as soon as your truck turns in the first load we immediately send you the information for the next load.


Does TMI Transport help if there is a problem while on the road?

Of course! TMI Transport offers support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have some type of mechanical problem with your truck, we can call a Road Service to go wherever your truck is located. Another option we provide is to find the nearest truck stop or repair station so that you can drive out there yourself.


Our experience in the industry has allowed us to create a network of repair stations and road service agents of good quality so that you can rest assured knowing that the company that is doing work on your truck is a high quality, trustworthy company.


You can call TMI Transport 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in regard to whatever problem that you can possibly have while on the road.

Does TMI Transport send original rate confirmations?

Always! TMI Transport sends the confirmations that we receive straight from the client that is paying to have the freight moved. This is one of the reasons why we are recognized as a very transparent and honest company by many of our clients.


You will always know exactly how much each load is paying. You can even call the client yourself directly to confirm that the price you are seeing on the confirmation is the real price for the freight.


Please remember that we work for your company. Yes, you pay us a commission for finding you the best loads and for coordinating the trips for your truck but at the end of the day we work for your company.


How much do you charge for commission?

Our commission is 10% of the gross amount of each load. This 10% commission includes but is not limited to the following:

  • finding the best loads for your truck,

  • coordinating the movement of the truck,

  • invoicing the clients,

  • following up on payment status,

  • weekly reports,

  • road support 24 hours a day,


Does the 10% commission also include invoicing clients on my behalf?

Correct, all the paperwork, documents, etc. that is needed to invoice clients on your behalf is already included in the 10%. We also follow up on the payment status until the money for the load is officially in your account.

What are the weekly reports that you offer?

Also included in the 10% we include a weekly report of all the movement and earnings of your truck for that week. The report includes, the amount of money the truck grossed, how much diesel you spent, how many loaded miles you ran, how many empty miles you ran.


This report helps you very much to stay organized and to keep track of the real earnings and statistics of your company.

This report is always key to be able to grow your business and stay informed and organized.

What type of loads does TMI Transport provide dispatch service for?

TMI Transport services include but are not limited to:

  • Truck dispatch for Dry Van Loads

  • Truck dispatch for Reefer Loads

  • Truck dispatch for Flatbed Loads

  • Truck Dispatch for Car Loads


I want TMI Transport to be my dispatcher right now, what do I need to get started  ?


The process to get started is relatively easy, all we need is your letter of authority (MC/DOT), Copy of Insurance Certificate (Cargo and Liability) and your W9.


Apart from these documents we also need our “Dispatch Service Agreement” signed and returned. This is the contract between TMI Transport and your company.


When we have the documents and contracts signed, we can start working immediately. The entire process should take less than 5 days.

Why is it so important to have a good truck dispatcher?

Having a good truck dispatcher that works with your company is one of the keys to having a successful trucking business. Without a solid truck dispatcher your business will most likely fail.


A good dispatcher is the difference in between a company that grows and maintains that growth and a company that fails quickly.


If you are an owner operator you need to be focused on driving. Driving trucks is not an easy job and it requires attention and concentration.


On the other hand, finding loads, (good loads) is not an easy job either. It requires a lot of time, paperwork, phone calls, documentation.


It is simply impossible to do both jobs equally well at the same time. There is just not enough time in a day to be able to do both things at the same time. Not to mention the insane levels of stress that both jobs can bring.


A good truck dispatcher allows you to focus on driving and taking care of the mechanical aspect of your truck, the logbooks, and inspections. In turn, the dispatcher takes care of sending you all the trip information and booking the highest quality loads for you.


While you are driving to make your deliveries on time, we are working for you. We are finding the best loads and making sure that your truck runs the least number of empty miles that it can possibly run.


I have been told that a good truck dispatcher can tremendously increase the revenues and profit of any trucking company is that true?


Definitely, when you have a good truck dispatcher you can concentrate on growing your business, adding trucks, looking for other drivers, getting better deals on insurance.


The owner operators that are driving while at the same time finding their own loads do not have time to grow a trucking business past 1 truck. On the contrary, the owner operator that has a truck dispatcher working for him has enough time to investigate and invest in the growth of his company.



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